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November 26, 2011

This Sad Old Site

Hi everybody. The "Dog of Thunder" website is coming along. I've been busy and have neglected my duties as the steward of my namesake dot com. There have been births and deaths, brilliant victories and catastrophes that have all gone unreported in this space. I've endeavored to become hip to Twitter and Facebook so you may have heard my musings through those portals and through the more traditional oddsmusic.com.

In the future you'll be able to go to craignorthey.com and it will direct you to my new, all-encompassing facade. Don't despair. I haven't given into the man. I haven't sold anything although I am for sale. Most folks don't want what I have if Katy Perry is in the neighbourhood.

Talk soon.

Posted by Craig at 12:45 PM

August 18, 2010

Mike Norman

We Odds and all our extended family loved Mike Norman very much and we will hear his laugh always when the right wrong joke is told. See you in the sky Mikey.


Posted by Craig at 11:48 PM

Craig Northey and Bob Kemmis play house

Bob and I are doing a house concert. It has come to my attention that they can squeeze a couple more people in so I am letting you know that it in in Victoria BC this saturday August 21st

email randrewbriggs@hotmail.com

He holds the reigns

Posted by Craig at 11:42 PM

May 19, 2010


Fandango is just one of those words. It works in all languages. I imagine flames and speed and delicious food. As it rolls off the tongue you imagine yourself as being able to speak Spanish and how much sexier you could be. Just saying the word 10 times increases your virility and possibly your libido. Libido. Same deal. Ends in "o". Maybe we are building a scientific theory here. No. I just destroyed that theory when the word "Draino" popped into my head. Never mind-o.

As you can see I've been keeping busy. "Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town" comes out this summer on IFC in the United States

That was no more work for me but it's a cool channel and I am glad my American brothers and sisters all get to share.

"Hiccups" (CTV) was a hit here in Canada so I hope to get a crack at that again.

Just taped the "Brent Butt Comedy Special" with the Odds and the post production is almost done. I was like Paul Shaffer only with a guitar and a Canadian in Canada. I think it will air next month on CTV.

Odds had a good run with our beloved Canucks as the guerilla band that kept popping up at GM Place to scare people with riff rock. Check out oddsmusic.com for video clips etc.

Of interest to those of you lucky bastards who get to live on Vancouver Island...I will be performing a rare solo acoustic show with my pal Bob Kemmis at the very trippy Duncan Garage Showroom (May 22). It's a small place so get your bids in now. Bob is fantastic so I hope to somehow sabotage his set in the interests of appearing more together than him.

Posted by Craig at 10:30 AM

March 17, 2010

Danny Achen

It is with a heavy heart that I ask you all to raise a glass for Dan Achen. Dan was a good man and solid chum who went to the next realm doing something he loved to do. http://www.chartattack.com/news/80240/ten-reasons-dan-achen-was-cool

Posted by Craig at 09:04 PM